Weather Update

The forecast is changing and it appears that the front referred to yesterday is going through earlier.  The latest forecasts show mean windspeeds of 16 knots from 1500 on Wednesday.  The gusts are intense in the forecast but the wind direction is a westerly, so it is likely that these gusts will not materialise.  This is what is currently (1000) seen on BrambleMet - forcasts shows 10/16; actual at the Bramble Post shows 13/15.

The tide is slack before the ebb in the Hillhead area at 1540.  We can expect flat water until 1600.

It is likely that we should get at least one race on Wednesday.  It is also possible that the front will continue to go through a little earlier.  

The Race Committee have made the decision that there will be no Racing before 1300 on Wednesday.  The Race Management Team will assess the situation further on Wednesday morning and inform competitors of the plan by VHF, broadcasting on Ch 77 on the hour and half hour from 1130 onwards.  Boats should remain in the marina until 1200.