Wednesday’s Weather

The weather forecast for Wednesday looks difficult.  Whilst the Atlantic weather systems are not encouraging they do look predictable with a front due to pass through the Solent on Tuesday night.  HW Portsmouth is at 1743 on Wednesday so with a westerly wind, and strength as per the current forecast, the sea state will become nasty at about 1630, just as the wind should start to ease.  However, if the front passes just a few hours earlier it may be possible to get a race in when the wind and tide are running in the same direction.  It is too early at this point in time to make a good decision about Wednesday’s racing.

We will continue to look at the forecasts.  It may be appropriate to make a decision before Tuesday lunch time about Wednesday.  However, Registration and the Briefing will still go ahead as planned on Tuesday.

We will email skippers with any further posts concerning this.